Key considerations

We partner with dentists and specialists whose long-term goals and commitment to excellence are consistent with our own. Supporting the delivery of high-quality, uncompromised care and service is at our core and, as such, we only partner with practices that meet this standard.

Additionally, we typically look for the following attributes in potential affiliate partners:

  • Selling dentist who is willing to embrace a partner
  • Selling dentist whose value system and commitment to excellence is consistent with our own
  • Selling dentist who desires to continue to care for patients post-transition or who has a target retirement date that allows for a smooth transition
  • Practices in top-tier locations that are accessible and well-positioned for long-term growth and success
  • Practices with $1M+ in annual collections
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What our dentists are saying

Our affiliation with Beacon Dental Health has been a very positive experience. It has allowed us to leverage their expertise and administrative support to streamline our operation while maintaining our team, our high standards, and clinical autonomy. It is the best of both worlds.”

— Dr. John Canesi

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