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How to Understand When a Loose Filling is an Emergency

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Ending up with a broken filling is not enjoyable. When a dental filling comes out, it’s not often thought of as a big emergency. Still, it’s necessary to see a dentist promptly because tooth decay can develop in the area that was concealed by the filling, bringing on more serious concerns.

Fractured teeth or other oral conditions that are left alone could negatively impact a person’s overall dental wellness. At Beacon Dental Health, our skilled dentists will help resolve your discomfort at our esteemed oral care office in New England. Read on to find out more on when you should acquire urgent dental care for a dislodged dental filling.

What is a dental emergency?

For most people, a dental emergency may be classified as any situation that involves jawbone trauma, excessive bleeding, and other symptoms. Detrimental oral complications call for early care. Here are several typical oral emergencies:

  • A tooth abscess
  • A jawline fracture
  • Fracture to the gums
  • Dislodged teeth or restorations
  • Broken filling

What are tooth-colored fillings?

Tooth fillings are used to restore enamel impacted by cavities. To treat a cavity, our Beacon Dental Health dentists will eliminate the affected portion of the tooth and then conceal the hole with a dental filling. Dental fillings could also be utilized to address broken teeth, even teeth that have been worn down by bruxism and nail-biting. When we remove the decay and clean the opening, the tooth filling material can be administered. When the application technique is complete, our dentists will shave off any extra material and polish your restoration.

Come to our facilities if you’re experiencing an emergency

Oral fillings are very resilient and may last a long time. However, things happen. In fact, it’s not unheard of for one to become loose because of use. If you’re experiencing this common oral complication, you should seek help promptly. When you ignore it, it will result in more problems. The same bacteria that resulted in your cavity might work its way into the opening left by broken filling, causing more serious damage within your tooth. It’s impossible to care for a broken dental filling on your own. However, you can use several remedies on your own to reduce any pain before reaching out for help.

At Beacon Dental Health, our oral health practitioners make time for dental emergencies, like broken tooth fillings. Even if our office is not open, calmly follow our tips to decide things you can do for prompt dental care. When you have an oral issue or cracked dental filling, reach out to our team at Beacon Dental Health for aid.

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