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A Few Ways to Look After Your Cosmetic Veneers

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Cosmetic veneers offer a number of perks for adults wanting to get a stunning smile. When you notice fractures, holes, or yellowing, veneers might help elevate your teeth. Since veneers are placed onto your enamel, you might need to follow a handful of additional steps to preserve a great smile and make sure that your results endure. Our team at Beacon Dental Health hopes to give useful resources that let you develop good oral hygiene. We encourage you to read through our tips about caring for your porcelain veneers or contact our dental offices in New England to discover more.

Practice a proper dental care routine

Caring for your porcelain veneers is very similar to caring for your regular teeth. Following each meal (or twice a day), you should brush your teeth, floss, and use mouth wash. While veneers conceal your natural teeth, you still need to maintain excellent dental approaches to ward off cavities. At your cleaning, we will review the best flossing and brushing techniques for your veneers to make sure that bacteria doesn’t gather. Patients should also attend biannual teeth cleanings and examinations.

Get a gentle toothbrush, as well as a non-stripping toothpaste

When brushing your enamel and veneers, you must utilize a handheld or chargeable toothbrush that has delicate bristles. Additionally, we recommend avoiding particular kinds of toothpaste that contain abrasive ingredients, like baking soda and whitening products. Whitening products may make your veneers appear different from the remainder of your teeth. Once you initially receive your veneers, our professionals will precisely select the tint to go with the rest of your teeth. Because of this, people usually have a lightening treatment at Beacon Dental Health so their smile looks more glowing.

Don’t choose certain foods

A great aspect of veneers is that you can select beverages that typically affect the teeth, including tea, energy drinks, juice, or coffee. You may also eat tasty darker foods, including dark fruits, candy, and sauces, without yellowing your enamel. But you have to avoid chewing on ice and other crunchy foods that might crack the porcelain.

Acquire a mouth guard

In the event that you clench or grind your teeth throughout the day or nighttime, your veneers might get damaged. To prevent the poor side effects of bruxism (teeth grinding), you might require a mouth guard. A mouth guard can help safeguard your teeth and ceramic veneers from the uncomfortable symptoms of bruxism. Our Beacon Dental Health team can give you helpful information when it comes to selecting the perfect mouth guard for your needs.

Arrange your comprehensive oral examination and cleaning

A crucial part of maintaining your porcelain veneers is to schedule twice-yearly cleanings and annual exams at Beacon Dental Health. Teeth cleaning is essential for your dental wellness because it minimizes buildup and discourages cavities. Our Beacon Dental Health team has aided countless patients with their new dental veneers. If you require a professional teeth cleaning, or if you hope to find out more about taking care of your veneers, please schedule a dental exam.

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